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Mobile Developer

iOS, Android

Mobile Developer

iOS, Android

CTO, Co-Founder

iOS, JavaSE

Mobile Developer

iOS, Android, JavaSE, AnsiC, Others

Mobile Developer

Symbain, AnsiC

Mobile Developer

Symbian, JavaSE

Mobile Developer

Symbian, C++


What I can help you with.

    • Requirements
    • Purchasing
    • Support
    • Audit

    Fresh perspective, freedom from corporate politics, able to endure meetings and constantly moving from client to client. Fill the lack of internal resources for an additional critical project

    • Embeded Software
    • Mobile Development
    • Libraries
    • Integration

    Coding sparks creativity, inspiration and innovation. Enjoy the challenge of solving problems of all kinds, that's a great sign that you could be suited to software development.

    • Goals
    • Strategy
    • Code
    • Success

    If you don’t review, how will you know how you are reaching your goal? You can always operate under the assumption that you are at your goal, but you will never know until you review.

    • Risks
    • Team Skills
    • Processes
    • Technology

    Projects are unique, and are never repeated under the same set of circumstances. So why isn't our approach to managing them unique as well? Balance among staff, process, and technology.

    • Yes or No?
    • What?
    • Hire
    • Transfer

    Don't outsource something just because you don't want to do it and don't take pride in having the world on your shoulders and the entire organization buried in your mind.

    • Goals
    • Message
    • Culture
    • product

    Set yourself apart from competitors, support your brand with a high-performing product, pay attention to what the public says and look for new ways to meet customer demands.


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